Richard Branson’s Climate Change Education Visitor Center Urged To Go Vegan


The center opened last week (Photo: The Cool Planet Experience Facebook)Animal rights group PETA has called upon the world’s first visitor center dedicated to climate change education, The Cool Planet Experience, to serve vegan food in its eateries.The visitor center, which has just opened at the Powerscourt Estate, Wicklow, Ireland, is being urged by PETA to honor the spirit of the exhibition by going vegan.The Cool Planet Experience was launched last week by climate action advocate and business magnate Richard Branson – and is scheduled to officially open to the public in February.It is Ireland’s first interactive climate change experience, where visitors can discover what is making our climate change, the science behind, and how they can help create a healthy future for the planet.The exhibition is the first of its kind in Ireland – and in the world (Photo: Facebook)LetterIn a letter sent to the estate’s director, PETA Vegan Corporate Projects Liaison Stephen Balfour writes: “Healthy and planet-friendly food is made from plants, so it would make sense for Powerscourt to lead by example and move to an all-vegan menu.”The damage that the meat, dairy, and fishing industries cause to the environment is well documented.”The letter goes on to point out that according to reports by the United Nations, animal agriculture is one of the ‘most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems’, and that a global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty, and the worst impacts of climate change.Choosing plant-based “Ignoring the impact of food choices on the environment is fiddling while the planet burns,” concludes Balfour. “With an ever-increasing number of vegan options readily available, choosing plant-based foods is one of the simplest ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.”Offering an all-vegan menu would show Powerscourt Estate’s commitment to this goal.”You can read the full letter here(c)2017 Plant Based News LTD – Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. All copies are tracked. All Rights Reserved.

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