15 Sensational Salsa Recipes!

October 19, 2019

Flavorful salsa is an amazing way to add texture, taste and variation to so many recipes! You can vary the spice levels depending on what you prefer, and customize it to suit any dish that you think just needs something special to make it even better. Get started with these salsa ideas that you can find on our Food Monster App!

1. Blood Orange Jalapeno Salsa

vegan blood orange jalapeno salsa

Image Source: Blood Orange Jalapeno Salsa

This Blood Orange Jalapeno Salsa by Laura Nockett is a citrus salsa made with blood oranges, avocados, red onions, cilantro and a spicy kick of jalapeños! A perfect appetizer for anytime of year and it’s Whole30 approved!

2. Black Bean Salsa

Black Bean Salsa

Image Source: Black Bean Salsa

This Black Bean Salsa by Mireille Aikman is smooth yet a little spicy, and goes great with tortilla chips. So do you want to know how to make black bean salsa? Find out with this amazing recipe!

3. Cilantro Lime Glazed Chickpeas With Mango Salsa

cilantro lime glazed chickpeas

Image Source: Cilantro Lime Glazed Chickpeas With Mango Salsa

This recipe for Cilantro Lime Glazed Chickpeas With Mango Salsa by Taavi Moore will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied after a long day. It is extremely easy and quick while not sacrificing any flavor. Chickpeas are tossed in a quick cilantro lime sauce and then topped with a mango salsa consisting of mango, red onion, cilantro, lime, and salt. Bright, zesty cilantro lime glazed chickpeas topped with a sweet mango salsa!

4. Fire-Roasted Corn Pico

Vegan Fire-Roasted Corn Pico Salsa with tomatoes

Image Source: Fire-Roasted Corn Pico

This Fire-Roasted Corn Pico by Celeste Meredith is made with sweet fire-roasted corn, plump juicy grape tomatoes, red onions, jalapeños, with a fresh squeeze of lime. It’ll be one of your new favorites!

5. Grilled Fig Salsa With Whipped Avocado and Baked Tortilla Chips

Image Source: Grilled Fig Salsa with Whipped Avocado and Baked Tortilla Chips

This Grilled Fig Salsa with Whipped Avocado and Baked Tortilla Chips by Jackie Newgent is basically a delicious upgrade to traditional chips, salsa, and guacamole. The chips are extra crisp. The salsa is rather figgy. And the avocado dip is velvety smooth. Enjoy them all together. Game on!

6. Cacao-Rubbed Cabbage With Citrus Salsa

Cacao-Rubbed Cabbage WIth Citrus Salsa

Image Source: Cacao-Rubbed Cabbage With Citrus Salsa

This Cacao-Rubbed Cabbage With Citrus Salsa grain bowl from Gluten-Free Grains by Quelcy Kogel treats cabbage ‘steaks’ like chicken or fish, coating them with a spice rub that roasts into their layers and puts a completely different twist on a vegan bowl. This dish is further proof that you can veganize anything to taste equally as good.

7. Potato Tacos With Homemade Salsa

vegan potato tacos with homemade salsa

Image Source: Potato Tacos With Homemade Salsa

These are potato tacos with black bean and corn relish and on the most delicious homemade salsas you will ever taste. And the three go wonderfully together. This Potato Tacos With Homemade Salsa recipe by Alexandra V Jones is a great meal for having friends over, for the family, for any occasion really. Pair it with a margarita and you are on track for an awesome evening!

8. Oven-Roasted Salsa

Image Source: Oven-Roasted Salsa

This Oven-Roasted Salsa recipe by Gabrielle St. Claire is quick, easy, affordable, packs tons of veggies, tons of flavor, you can add spices if you like, it’s perf for any season, perf for entertaining, can easily be made in bulk, and pairs well with countless dishes!

9. Pineapple Black Bean Salsa

pineapple black bean salsa

Image Source: Pineapple Black Bean Salsa

This Pineapple Black Bean Salsa recipe by Laura Nockett is perfect for any meal! It’s fresh and delicious, and makes a perfect appetizer to bring to backyard BBQ or a fun compliment to your next cocktail party!

10. Zucchini Garlic Cakes With Corn Salsa, Smoky Tomato Sauce and Pumpkin Seeds

Zucchini garlic cakes

Image Source: Zucchini Garlic Cakes With Corn Salsa, Smoky Tomato Sauce and Pumpkin Seeds

In these Zucchini Garlic Cakes With Corn Salsa, Smoky Tomato Sauce and Pumpkin Seeds from Rawsome Superfoods by Emily von Euw, zucchinis are used as a base for savory cakes, which pair wonderfully with a tangy salad and sauce. Spinach is a great source of iron, vitamin K and carotenoids (vitamin A), which are necessary for blood health; and all the spices in this recipe have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

11. Papaya Avocado Salsa

Papaya Avocado Salsa

Image Source: Papaya Avocado Salsa

Juicy papaya and creamy avocado are the basis for this mildly sweet, and Papaya Avocado Salsa by Viktoria Radichkova that packs a ton of zesty flavors and tropical aromas. It’s a simple fruit salsa, packed with fresh flavors, and it couldn’t be easier to make. Just two main ingredients – papaya and avocado, with lots of cilantro and lime juice, plus some chopped scallions for a mild spicy accent, and you’ve got the tastiest salsa, ready in minutes.

12. Tamales With Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Image Source: Tamales With Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

These Tamales With Roasted Tomatillo Salsa by Eva Cannon have flavor packed all throughout, from the dough to the filling, to the incredible sauce on top. You’re going to fall in LOVE. The best part is that this recipe makes almost 30 tamales! And if you’re saying “What am I going to do with 30 tamales?” Freeze them! These tamales will last months in the freezer, and if you don’t want to do that, easily just call over friends and have a tamale party!!!

13. Fire Roasted Salsa Black Bean Bisque

vegan fire-roasted salsa black bean bisque

Image Source: Fire-Roasted Salsa Black Bean Bisque

This Fire-Roasted Salsa Black Bean Bisque by Stephanie McKinnie is very comforting and satisfying! It gets its sparkle and spice from the fire roasted salsa. The inclusion of the roasted peppers brings depth and pure deliciousness to the overall soup! It is naturally vegan and gluten free.

14. Homemade Salsa Verde

10 Vegan Party Appetizers That Your Guests Will Love

Image Source: Homemade Salsa Verde

This Homemade Salsa Verde by Jennifer Strohmeyer is a perfect salsa to add to a nacho bar if you are planning on having one for your next party – which is perfect to have at a Super Bowl Party!

15. Fruit Salsa With Baked Pita Chips

Vegan Fruit Salsa With Baked Pita Chips

Image Source: Fruit Salsa With Baked Pita Chips

This Fruit Salsa With Baked Pita Chips by Desiree Rodriguez uses a delicious blend of fruits to add more health benefits and sweet taste to the classic dip!

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