39% Of Americans ‘Actively Trying To Eat More Plant-Based Foods’


Alternative products like the Beyond Burger are becoming increasingly popular (Photo: Beyond Meat)More than a third of Americans (39 percent) are actively trying to eat more plant-based foods, motivated by ethics, health, and the environments.A report by Food Navigator USA quoted this stat – from a 2017 survey by Nielsen – in an article about the burgeoning plant-based sector.According to new data by Nielson, animal-free options now account for almost 20 percent of food and beverage dollars spent in the US last year.More growth is forecast for the dairy-alternative sectorGrowthAnd interest in the market is set to grow, according to the report, which says there is a ‘notable opportunity for brands and retailers looking for ways to capitalize on specific needs and desires among consumers opting for plant-based food and beverage options, particularly in cases where no or few options currently exist’.It adds that consumers are looking for innovative plant food options, saying: “Many shoppers aren’t looking to traditional plant-based staples like tofu, brown rice and granola.” It lists dairy and meat alternatives as key products, highlighting the potential for plant-based burgers.”As the popularity of plant-based foods continues to rise,” says Nielsen, “the importance of meat alternatives in the burger space is expected to rise with it.”(c)2018 Plant Based News LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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