Originally founded in 2015 and based in Miami, Florida. USA Vegan Magazine was created with the sole purpose of  guiding, informing and educating our readers about the many benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle and the negative impact that the consumption of animal products has on our health, on the planet and the cruelty behind it.

Whether you are health-conscious, an animal lover or an environmentalism wanting to learn more about the latest news and trends of the fastest growing lifestyle movement of the century, USA Vegan Magazine has you covered. From vegan eateries, stores, products and services, we’ll show you why the United States is one of the main  vegan destinations in the world. 


 For years, our team of writers, editors, publicist, partners and collaborators involved with USA Vegan Magazine have been committed to raise awareness about healthy food, climate change, health disease, animal compassion, etc. Now, we want to share our insight and opinion on how just by changing our eating habits, together we can make a world a better place for all of us. While our staff comes from many different cities, we’re all united in our passion for health, for the planet and for the animals.


 Every quarterly issue of USA Vegan Magazine is FREE and it features, news, articles, recipes, events, interviews, coupons a directory and a lot more. Bringing you the latest information and content related to America’s vegan lifestyle. Our print magazine can be found at a variety of local businesses in many cities across the U.S. An online version is available on our website and by e-mail subscription. In addition, most of our content is posted, shared and promoted daily among our thousands of followers on Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.