Astrology As A Map of Our Greatness: 22 Doors To Paradise

February 23, 2020
Article by OM Times

Astrology can take us into the genius of each person, who they really are, why they came here, and what is their heroic mission, the “story” they are living out, each moment.

Astrology As A Map of Our Greatness

By Richard Geer



Astrology also can prepare us for the initiations that Life is offering to us:

How to find, and be, the delight and magic (Venus),

How to be bold and make things happen (Mars)

How to REALLY express ourselves, so life feels like our heart’s creation (Sun),

How to organize a solid, practical life that really works (Saturn).

What would life look like, feel like, if we found a way to cultivate ALL of our planetary powers, so all the richness of this life became available to us?

What if we educated our children in all of these gifts so that life mastery became normal?

What if our mind (Mercury) and our feelings (Moon) and our intuition and creativity (Uranus) were all in harmony?

What would life look like if ALL the sides of us got along, like an interplanetary jazz band in our own unique key, unlike anyone else’s?

And we could connect to all those worlds in another?

What would relationships be like then, between two people playing on all cylinders?

Can we train ourselves, enjoyably, to awaken all these faculties? Would we have a whole new (and ancient) model of a healthy human being?

And then—what if we not only educate ourselves, not by sitting at a desk for 12 years or more, but by living out all those sides of us, with mentors and heroes who embody those gifts, and can model them for us as we grow into them—

–but also invented a culture that expressed and supported all the sides of the heroism in us all, that lies within us ready to play this life all out?


With Astrology, we could speak of 22 eases (ancient sacred number of mastery which coincides with 10 planets and 12 signs, all inside us).

22 powers, 22 healths, 22 pleasures, 22 talents that want our focus, want us to receive their gifts, to reach a whole other level of adulthood, of what a human can be.

Would that possibly supply a model, not just of a healthy person, but of a healthy society?


The 12 gifts associated with the astrology signs could be described this way:

Three different kinds of mind at our disposal at each moment, the rational (Gemini), the esthetic (Libra) and the intuitive (Aquarius)—the air signs.

Three different nourishments when we need to feel emotionally fed:

The feeling of being “at home” with yourself, being real, in your own innerness or soul (Cancer)—the lake.

The feeling of true “connection” with another (Scorpio), including our passions and obsessions, from history to auto mechanics to kissing—the river.

And the feeling of Oneness with life, both visible and invisible/spiritual, the Universal Love and the ability to let go of barriers and worries and FEEL the Larger Life (Pisces). The ocean.

The water signs, which balance each other. If your lover broke up with you, you still have a self, and the universal, the other two waters to enrich you.

And three sources of fire, of aliveness and investment and vitality, that balance each other and can ‘feed us’ when one of the three isn’t doing too well today:

Instant action, impulse, play, assertion, initiative from desire (Aries)

Full self-expression, letting yourself be seen, taking the stage of life (Leo)

And the fire of aspiration, of envisioning, over and over, the kind of life you want, the kind of values you relate to, the possibilities and gambles and voyages you’re ready to invest in—Sagittarius.

Finally, in the world of earth, of the solid, the physical, the grounded:

Taurus—the sensual, the reliable, the comfortable and secure and immediate, the food in the fridge, bank account, cuddle buddy and dog in the yard.

Virgo—your craft and service, the quality and integrity of your work. Your ability to “walk your talk” and be who you say you are, in the physicalness.

Capricorn—what is your ultimate “mission” that mobilizes all of you, and enlists your body and your craft, to play out a story before you drop this body? What is it you most want to give, and embody, and own, as the overall structure which organizes everything you are? What movie are you the hero of? And what would the hero be doing, in the Big Picture of your life?


There is more to say with astrology, about all the other planets inside us, the 22 initiations and how they create wholeness and health, deep happiness, harmony, and power.

What if this is the real-world Hogwarts, and earth is a school for magicians who can master themselves on all these levels?

What if there is a whole other dimension of how to play human being? Practical, multi-layered, self-evident when we look at it clearly, with the language that can hold it?

And it has been staring us in the face all along?

The language of astrology is an excellent tool to hold that knowledge and focus on those initiations, those gifts, those joys.

We are so much more than what we have been taught to be.

And we can be that greater self, now. Everything is pointing us to it. Each situation, and all the hunger inside us, are asking for it. The world is waiting for it.

We will explore the pleasures of each initiation, till they all become familiar and clear. And each one has dragons, dis-eases, when as the Greeks would say, we “offend a god” and suffer.

When all the gods and goddesses in us agree on our destiny, when they all get heard and honored—we are in a whole new world of possibilities.


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About the Author

Richard Geer has been a professional astrologer for 45 years. He has been featured in Rolling Stone and NY Times. His specialty is mirroring our inner genius, and the destiny that genius was born to live. His youtube video on awakening the “3 Superpowers” inherent in each human being, is Contact him at [email protected]

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