Ban The Slaughter Of Hibernating Bears and Stop Seal Pup Massacres: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help Animals!

August 14, 2019

It’s horrible to hear about animal abuse cases or read the ways humans are endangering many species. Fortunately, there are things we can do to speak for them. One of the ways we can help and lend our voices to good causes is by signing petitions. Such petitions are sent to people in powerful positions that can make a change, especially when they see just how many people stand behind the cause. We can demand change, justice, and stop tragedies by speaking up and doing our part.

There are horrifying things happening around the world every week like extinction, hunting, exploitation, and cruelty. If you are looking for a way to help animals, here are 10 petitions you should sign this week, which include ending the massacre of ortolan bunting for delicacy meals in France, banning the slaughter of hibernating bears, and stopping the massacre of seal pups in Namibia!

We want to thank you for being the change you wish to see in the world and giving a voice to the voiceless.

1. End Ortolan Bunting Massacres in France!

Ortolan Bunting

Source: The Dish So Shameful Diners Cover Their Faces to Eat It

The Ortolan Bunting songbird migrates from Europe to Africa every year. It’s considered a delicacy in France and it suffers through terrible cruelty before landing on a plate. Poachers catch about 30,000 birds every year, ten percent of the population that flies through the region. The hunters use nets that entangle whole flocks or they apply glue to the birds’ favorite trees. Since 1988 the population of this bird has decreased by 88% in Europe. When caught, the birds are blinded and forced to engorge until they are plump. Then they’re drowned in brandy, cooked, and served whole. Sign this petition to demand the end of the ortolan massacre.

2. Free Billy the Elephant From the L.A. Zoo

Billboard for the freedom of Billy the elephant

Source: Free Billy the Elephant from His Lonely, Cramped Life at the L.A. Zoo

Billy the elephant has been at the Los Angeles Zoo for almost 30 years since he was taken from the wild in Malaysia as a young elephant. He’s been alone most of these years. He displays signs of boredom, depression, and stress, such as repetitive swaying and frustrated head-bobbing. The zoo promised a few years ago that there would be a new, much better exhibit for the elephants. But Billy is still alone in a tiny enclosure without exercise or any of the other basic needs of an elephant. Sign this petition if you want Billy to be sent to a sanctuary!

3. Ask Wildlife Services to Stop Using Cyanide Bombs

Warning: the image below contains graphic content that may be distressing to some viewers.

Animal dead from cyanide bomb

Source: They’re Using Cruel Cyanide Bombs to Indiscriminately Kill Animals!

The U.D. Department of Wildlife Services uses cyanide bombs, also known as M-44s to target foxes, coyotes, and any animals that can kill livestock. However, it’s an incredibly cruel and inhumane method. Also, these bombs harm many unintended targets. Bears, pet dogs, skunks and raccoons have all been killed, and children have even been hurt by coming close to a bomb. Sign this petition asking the Department of Wildlife Services to stop this cruel and inhumane practice.

4. Stop Thailand From Exporting Elephants

Elephant in cage

Source: Stop Thailand From Exporting Elephants

There are 5,000 registered, captive working elephants in Thailand and only 1,000 in the wild. As of June 23, 2019, the Ministry of Commerce is now allowing the trade of elephants to other countries. Elephants will be sent to other countries for research study, good relations, and parts or various products derived from elephants for academic research or as antiques/art objects. This is likely to fuel poaching for ivory, elephant skin, hair, and the elephants themselves. Sign this petition to urge Thailand’s government to reconsider this decision.

5. Stop Lion Farming in South Africa

Lion cubs in a cage

Source: Cubs Are Exploited From Their Birth to Their Violent Deaths

In South Africa, thousands of lion cubs are taken from their mothers and then kept on farms. Eventually, they are killed by paying trophy hunters. Then their body parts are shipped to Asia. Other big cats like tigers, leopards, and cheetahs also suffer from this exploitative, cruel scheme. Sign this petition to ask South Africa to protect their wildlife.

6. Ban The Slaughter Of Hibernating Bears

Bear with her cub

Source: Senator Warren, Help Ban The Slaughter Of Hibernating Bears!

Congress made it legal for hunters in Alaska to track and kill hibernating bears. How cruel is it to come upon a sleeping animal and kill it? This petition specifically asks Senator Warren to stand against animal cruelty, but you can sign the petition and urge Congress not to allow this slaughter!

7. Catch Drunk Guy Who Broke Into Zoo to Ride Giraffe

Drunk guy riding giraffe

Source: This Drunk Guy Broke in to the Zoo to Ride a Giraffe!

Some giraffe subspecies are endangered due to habitat loss, poaching, human-wildlife conflict and more. These wild animals suffer enough. They don’t belong in zoos. Yet they’re also forced to live there. One giraffe recently went through a terrible ordeal when a drunk guy in the zoo climbed on top of a fence and got on top of him. It was all caught on video. How and why was this allowed to happen? These wild animals are not even supposed to be there, but they aren’t being protected or guarded? Sign this petition to pressure police to catch the guy who did this so that he can face consequences for treating the giraffe this way.

8. Stop Seal Pup Slaughter in Namibia

People beating seal pups

Source: 80,000 Seal Pups Are Going to be Murdered!

In Namibia, seal pups are being mass murdered. They’re being slaughtered so that their genitals can be used in sex potions in the Chinese market. The seals are taken from their mothers then struck with clubs or shot. Sometimes the blows don’t kill them and they die slowly in tortuous pain. Sign this petition to ask Namibia to stop this terrible slaughter!

9. Punish Company Responsible for Killing Thousands of Sheep 


Source: These Deep Pocket Executives Must Take Responsibility for Killing Thousands of Sheep

The company Emanuel Exports in based in Perth, Australia has a terrible history with endangering and killing sheep. In 2017, 2,400 sheep died from overheating and video showed that the sheep suffered terribly. There were other instances like this such as when 3,000 sheep in 2016 died under similar conditions. Finally, charges have been brought against this company by the Western Australia Authorities. Sign this petition to ask Alannah MacTiernan, WA’s minister of agriculture to punish this company!

10. Catch Cat Serial Killer Maiming and Murdering Cats in the UK

cat with green eyes tilting his head

Source: There is a Cat Serial Killer Maiming and Murdering Cats!

In the same area of the United Kingdom, several cat have been killed or maimed. Some have been shot, and some have been hanged on trees. One of the cats, Amber survived being shot but her family is terrified. Another family cat named Hunter was found hanged from a tree. This is a terrible and terrifying killing spree of innocent family cats. Sign this petition to urge law enforcement in the area to take this seriously and catch the person responsible.

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