Canada Passes Bill To Ban Captivity Of Whales and Dolphins

June 11, 2019

Photo by Fabrizio Frigeni on Unsplash

by | June 11, 2019

Canada’s historic law criminalizes confining cetaceans and breeding them

Banning the capturing of wild cetaceans along with banning captive breeding and import and export of the beautiful aquatic mammals, Ottowa on the 10th of June passed the legislation that criminalizes the acts, according to multiple reports. Dubbed ‘Bill S-203,’ it won majority vote and would stop the confinement and breeding of the cetaceans in captivity. Know more about the historic decision to ban captivity of whales and dolphins, here.

Photo by Silviu Georgescu on Unsplash

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Canada Passes Bill To Ban Captivity Of Whales and Dolphins

The legislation passed by the federal government bans the practice of putting whales and dolphins into captivity. The bill was originally introduced back in 2015 to the Senate, and with time it made way into the House of Commons, reports outlet Global News. On 10th June, the ‘Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act’ under the Bill S-203, reportedly had its third and final reading, liberating the adorable and intelligent creatures from the bane of human captivity and torture.

According to CNN, if parks and aquariums violate the provision, it can land them liable to a penalty up to $150.000. PETA reveals that after toiling for nearly four years, the bill finally goes for the Royal Assent after the vote, which is a formal procedure to enact a bill into a parliamentary law in Canada. “Nothing fantastic ever happens in a hurry,” animal rights group Humane Canda, said in a Tweet.

Credit: @HumaneCanada/ Twitter
Canada Passes Bill To Ban Captivity Of Whales and Dolphins

As of now, only two facilities will continue to keep dolphins, the Vancouver Aquarium and Marineland, however, none of them will be allowed confine new ones nor breed, according to reports.

Whales and Dolphins Are Meant To Swim Free, Not Confined

“This bill is a tremendous opportunity for Canada to be a world leader in protecting whales and dolphins,” said Camille Labchuk, Executive Director of Animal Justice, speaking to VegNews. She stated whales and dolphins are majestic and incredible creatures, who’re meant to swim free and in the vastness of the oceans, not end up in tiny cages or ‘miserable concrete tanks.’

Credit: @AFP/ Twitter
Canada Passes Bill To Ban Captivity Of Whales and Dolphins

The bill makes exceptions for the best interest of the mammal, according to reports, like as in case of retirement, rehabilitation for the whales and dolphins. Scientific research will also be included. It is indeed a winning situation for animal rights activists and vegans. Canada is now on par with many others like California, France, Mexico, and South Carolina, who’ve already/ partially banned the cruel and selfish act. May this become the norm in every place on earth! What do you think about a blanket ban all over the world? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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