Eckhart Tolle: How You Step More Deeply Into Presence

January 14, 2020
Article by Conscious Life News

Source: Eckhart Tolle

“On the surface, it seems that the present moment is only one of many, many moments. Each day of your life appears to consist of thousands of moments where different things happen. Yet if you look more deeply, is there not only one moment, ever? Is life ever not this moment? This one moment, now, is the only thing you can never escape from. The one constant factor in your life. No matter what happens. No matter how much your life changes. One thing is certain. Its always now. Since there is no escape from the now, why not welcome it, become friendly with it.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

In this wonderful video, Eckhart Tolle answers the question: “Could you say more about the surface of the present moment and how to go more deeply into the present moment.”

The “surface” of the present moment contains the external forms we perceive with the physical senses—any of which can serve as a tool for stepping out of the thought stream. We get beneath the surface by becoming aware of the still, alert, and unchanging background in which our perceiving occurs.

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