Embody These 9 Divine Masculine Qualities and Heal The Toxic Masculine

February 24, 2020
Article by Conscious Life News

Video Source: chakraboosters

Last week we looked at 9 Divine Feminine qualities and also their toxic counterparts. So it’s only natural that this week, we’re looking at 9 Divine Masculine qualities and their toxic counterparts.

But first, we need to set a little masculine-feminine chakra foundation.

We all have three masculine chakras (1, 3, 5), three feminine chakras (2, 4, 6), and one unified chakra (the crown). Because of this, energetically, we’re born quite balanced.

But hormones and socialization quickly train us to be dominant in one type of energy over another. Usually, we end up stronger in the energy that corresponds to our gender.

In these two video series, we’re exploring whether our main masculine and feminine chakras are healthy. When they are, we’re expressing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. When they’re unhealthy, we tend to express dysfunctional versions of the masculine or feminine.

This series will invite you to do self-assessment. When looking at one’s habits and tendencies, t’s important to remember that you’re not them. You’re the consciousness playing with them. And you’re always growing and expanding.

Please don’t judge yourself while assessing. Assessment needs to be neutral and non-judgmental. It’s simply a mini-map that shows you where you are now. Like when you’re in a mall and the map has a red arrow saying, “you are here.” Knowing where you are is an essential first step for any journey.

The current state of your chakras is a result of your life experiences. The only reason a chakra becomes overactive or underactive is that we’ve suffered trauma or been in an environment where we had to shift our natural energy to get our basic needs met. Please always remember this and extend maximum compassion to yourself when doing any assessment.

The #1 prerequisite to any transformational healing is to lovingly support yourself from a place of deep curiosity and non-judgment.

If you haven’t yet watched the 9 Divine Feminine Qualities, you can do so here.

It’s my hope that you’ll watch both the masculine and feminine videos since energetically, you embody both.

9 Healthy Divine Masculine Qualities (and Their Toxic Counterparts)


  1. Commitment (over = stuck/unchanging, under = fickle/unable to commit)
  2. Safe/Protective (over = over-protective/fearful, under= unsafe)
  3. Financially Stable (over = money-obsessed, under = financial issues


  1. Goal-Setter (over = goal-obsessed/not present, under = no action/don’t trust goals and dreams)
  2. Confident (over = superiority/narcissism, under = insecure/unworthy)
  3. Courageous (over = careless/endangering, under = can’t act due to fear)


  1. Honest/Authentic (over = overbearing, under = lying)
  2. Purposeful (over = righteous, under = aimless)
  3. Inspirational (over = charismatically manipulative, under = boring/not affecting)

If you find that you are more overactive in a given chakra quality, work to boost the two adjacent chakras for more balance.

And if you find you’re more underactive in a given chakra quality, watch the healing playlist for that particular chakra.

Most importantly though, have fun! Keep in mind that we’re all verbs (not nouns) because we’re constantly growing and changing. Remembering this keeps it playful.

Love and blessings,

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