Famous Japanese Designer Creates Solar Coat Capable of Charging Phones and Tablets [Photos]

May 21, 2019

By Amando Flavio | We Are Anonymous

The era of inventions is truly upon us. Inventors and researchers across the world continually engage in frantic efforts to introduce small technologies into our lives that would improve the quality. Needless to say, their efforts are yielding results.

Over the last few years, a rise in renewable energy technologies has gone from leaps to bounds. Some of these technologies are big, whereas, others are small, catering for the special needs of an individual or a single household. This step in the right direction demonstrates that renewable energy is the world’s future.

The famous Japanese fashion designer, Junya Watanabe, has created a new coat with a solar technology capable of charging personal smart devices. Watanabe used to work for one of Japan’s biggest fashion companies, Comme des Garçons, before setting up his own company with close collaboration from his former employer.

solar coat

Watanabe is renowned in designing innovative and distinctive clothing. He is particularly interested in synthetic and technologically advanced textiles and fabrics. Watanabe has created structured clothes out of modern technical materials in the past. His knack in combining modern technology with his designs leads people to describe him as a technological-inclined person. He has won the respect of many people in the East, as well as the West.

solar coat

Watanabe has taken his techno-design exploits to another level, fusing his already quirky aesthetic ability with wearable modern day technology. Watanabe has designed a wearable coat, created with solar technology to charge phones, tablets and other smart personal devices.

The amazing coat has four solar panels on the back and two on the front, and features a hidden interior power pack that offers on-the-go charging capabilities. The coat is said to cost around $2,870. Although the solar panels are clearly visible in the coat, Watanabe has done his best to give them a tasteful finish with a faux-leather trim. The coat is a long sleeve design, made from pure cotton. The solar-power panel fixtures are at the back, with the charging wire concealed in the interior. For the fashion conscious, the coat upholds a classic sense of style with a wool trim spread collar, buttoned welt pockets, elbow patches and a coated cotton exterior.

solar coat

The coat has started selling at its current price. Some people have criticized the cost, saying Watanabe should cut it down to make it more accessible. However, if you compare the normal jackets similar to this style but without solar, you would realize that Watanabe’s price is reasonable.

If you are interested in the coat, you can click here for more details. We are excited about this invention; it shows that with deep thinking and creativity, technology can be safely integrated into everyday life to the benefit of the environment.

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