Food Giant Behind Mr. Kipling To Launch Vegan Cakes And Desserts

May 15, 2019
The new line will include vegan cakes (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)

The UK food giant behind brands including Mr. Kiplings cakes and Bisto gravy is set to launch a range of vegan cakes, soup, and desserts.

According to Premier Food, its new ‘Plantastic’ range is a response to growing consumer demand for animal-free products.

Vegan products

“Under this exciting new brand, the Group will launch a cross category range of products using plant-based ingredients, targeting the growing trend of consumers looking for plant-based and vegan products,” Premier Food said.

“The products are planned for launch during the course of this financial year in the Desserts, Cake and Soup categories.

“In terms of the supply chain, these products will be sourced from a combination of in-house manufacturing and co manufacturer partners.”

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