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July 11, 2019
Vlasto Balaz changed his health – and his life – following the NFI protocol (Photo: PBN)

Plant Based News is offering one reader the opportunity to follow a personlized protocol which has an unrivalled record in putting type 2 diabetes patients into remission.

The Natural Food Interaction (NFI) diet, a protocol which was recently trialed at a National Institute in Slovakia, is a whole food, plant-based approach that goes one step further, by mixing and matching different plant foods in combinations that are tailored to an individual.

Designed by David Hickman and Zuzana Plevova, it has yielded impressive results in trials so far, with a 97.2 percent type 2 diabetes remission rate in patients that have completed the protocol.


One patient who successfully completed the protocol was Vlasto Balaz, who owns several construction businesses. Balaz achieved remission from type 2 diabetes after following the diet for 13 weeks.

He also lost 24kg – relieving pain in his legs and feet. His blood pressure dropped and his heart rate decreased to a healthy 62 beats per minute.

“I feel genuinely happy I can not even tell you the change this has made to my life,” he said.

A guide to the NFI protocol


The winner of this competition will be provided with their own personalized diet, including meal plans and support for up to 30 weeks (full remission is usually achieved within 16 weeks).

The winner will be asked to document their journey following the protocol, and provide a testimonial.

In order to enter the competition, fill in this form

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