Green Giant to Launch Range of Microwaveable Vegan Meal Bowls


Green Giant Fresh, a California-based company specializing in packaged produce, created its first line of vegetable meal bowls. The healthy, vegan microwavable meals are scheduled to launch in the US this spring.

Green Giant Fresh was one of the first major packaged food corporations to innovate and diversify its vegetable offerings. In 2015, the company introduced Cauliflower Crumbles, just as cauliflower rice was beginning to catch on. This product alone grew the cauliflower business by thirty-eight percent, according to The Produce News. Following its inaugural success, Green Giant developed two additional products to incorporate the crumbles: Cauliflower Crumbles Fried Rice Blend and Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Crumbles. Both are vegan.

To remain on trend, Green Giant Fresh followed the crumbles with a line of packaged vegetable noodles in 2017. In addition to the popular zucchini noodles, the company also came out with beet, carrot, and butternut squash noodles. Frozen versions of these Veggie Spirals are also available.

These six new meal bowls are the first line of complete vegan entrees for Green Giant Fresh. Each consist of either the Cauliflower Crumbles or Veggie Spirals, additional vegetables, a bean, and a spice/sauce packet. Flavors include Buddha Bowl, Burrito Bowl, Fried Rice Bowl, Pad Thai Bowl, Ramen Bowl, and Rancheros Bowl. The Burrito Bowl and the Fried Rice Bowl have been already been introduced to select stores in the US, and the other four will roll out to supermarkets across the nation throughout late spring.

CEO Jamie Strachan told Produce News, “This innovative new line includes deliciously distinct world flavors in microwave-safe bowls that are made exclusively with fresh vegetables.” He also noted that the products are the company’s response to the increased consumer demand for more convenient, veggie-centric options. Strachan assured that Green Giant Fresh as more meal-ready products in the works, as the company is on a mission to “provide nutritious and versatile options to help spark and contribute to healthier lifestyles.”

The number of vegan convenience meals is consistently growing, but these upcoming vegan entree bowls will add variety to the current offerings by providing more vegetable-centric, minimally-processed options.

Image Credit: Green Giant


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