Greyhound Is Offering Free Tickets To Runaway Youths Who Want To Go Home

February 23, 2020
Article by Conscious Life News

Image credit: Truth Theory

Mayukh Saha | Truth Theory

National Runaway Safeline is an organization dedicated to the safety of the homeless youth. They have collaborated with Greyhound Lines for more than ten years to help youngsters reunite with their families. More than 16,000 families have benefited from the Home Free program since 1995. What is so special about this scheme? It provides free bus tickets to those in desperate need.

If you are within the age bracket of twelve to twenty-one, you can get a free ticket by calling the helpline (1-800-RUNAWAY). The NRS will help only if the individual’s name is recorded on a runaway report and they wish to go back to their families. The respective family has to be willing to accept them. If the child is under fifteen, he or she is eligible for a free ticket for their guardian too.

National Runaway Safeline makes sure that the child is prepared to embark on the journey. They work with the guardians to chalk out a detailed relocation plan for the kid. They look into the resources of the community that will provide for the child in the future. The main aim is to make the child feel at home. The family has to look after the child properly. National Runaway Safeline checks on them once the kid is settled and provides additional resources too.

It is important to note that the kids who run away from home are not “bad”. They should not be misunderstood, according to the National Runaway Safeline. These kids usually do not know what are the consequences of them running away from home. They do so because they wish to escape from or cannot deal with something.


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