High-Protein Vegan Chicken From Sweet Earth Foods Launching This Year

January 10, 2019

Founded in 2011 by former Burger King chairman Brian Swette, Sweet Earth Natural Foods offers a variety of frozen vegetarian and vegan meals and has gained a reputation for their delicious vegan burritos, breakfast sandwiches, and pizzas. Heck, they even make savory vegan “Benevolent Bacon.”

Now the company plans to roll out a new high-protein chicken alternative in 2019 called “Mindful Chik’n.” With 19 grams of protein and five grams of fiber in each serving, this new product is ready in minutes and can be added to your favorite recipes. In an interview with Food Business News, co-founder and CEO Kelly Swette shares:

We’ll be introducing it in two bowls; one is called Chinese Mindful Chik’n with Black Bean Sauce … and the second bowl will be a Filipino Adobo Bowl … that is really tying into two trends—the rise of Asian food and Filipino food, in particular. This bowl also features a purple sweet potato and kabocha squash with pineapple and snap peas. It’s really vibrant in color and incredibly flavorful. We’re going to be hitting shelves in April. … Our first launch will be with Target.

Swette also shares that the brand’s top-selling bowl is the relatively new Cauliflower Mac and Cheese. Made with cauliflower cream sauce, golden potatoes, and pasta, this dish is healthy comfort food in a pinch!As more people discover the widespread animal abuse and vast environmental destruction inherent in animal agriculture, they are cutting back on meat and other animal products or ditching animal foods altogether. Food producers are taking advantage of this expanding market by adding more plant-based options to their product lines.

Fortunately, with the growing number of hearty vegan options already available at grocers far and wide, there’s never been a better time to add more veg meals to your diet. Ready to make the switch? Get tasty plant-based recipes, simple meal ideas, and advice for making the switch by ordering a FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today.

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