How To Connect With Your Angel Guides and 11 Signs They’re With You

November 13, 2019
Article by Conscious Life News

© Cindy Kubica – Photo 1 – Heart

By Cindy Kubica

Do you believe in divine angelic guidance and protection? It truly doesn’t matter if you do or not, they love and believe in you. They are here for you; all you have to do is ask.

I started invoking the angels many years ago and consider them part of living a balanced, low-stress life. The word angel means “messenger of God.” They’re pure beings of divine light that carry our prayers and messages to the creator and offer us protection, assistance, and guidance.

Angels love everyone unconditionally and you can trust them fully and completely. That being said, they won’t interfere in your life if you don’t want them to. But if you do, again, simply ask.

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Just to be clear, you do not worship or pray to the angels, you simply ask them for what you need in a state of gratitude. You can also ask them to deliver a prayer to the Creator for you. You can talk to them just as you would with any friend. The angels don’t belong to any specific religion or belief system—they’re here for all of us. There are many archangels and each of them works in specific areas.

When Gary and I took a motorcycle trip recently we invoked Michael for strength and safe travel, Raphael for good health, Ariel to interact with nature comfortably and safely, Gabriel for clear communication and Uriel for strong intuition.

How do you know if they are with you?

You will feel an immediate calm and knowing that everything will be fine. They enjoy sending you creative signs to let you know they are with you—sometimes in simple ways like the sudden appearance of a feather; or in funny ways like your lost check stuck to a friend’s

car tire (it actually happened). And sometimes in spectacularly beautiful ways.

Let me share a recent example of a very beautiful way the angels communicated with my husband, Gary and me.

Gary is a tough Harley rider — okay, so he’s more like one of the guys in the movie Wild Hogs — a typical accountant type. Years ago Gary discovered that riding helps him release stress and tension—and makes him feel so free. I also love to ride and have since I was a little girl. However long trips were out ever since I severely injured my neck. But this year Gary decided to trade in his very cool Heritage Softail for a very comfortable Limited touring bike.

We decided to go for a test ride with some friends from our home in the Nashville area to the breathtakingly beautiful Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

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After we were all packed and ready to roll, Gary and I paused, said a little protection prayer, then we asked archangels Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Gabriel, and Uriel to travel with us and keep us safe. We immediately felt their calm protection, but where it really showed itself to us was on our ride home.

We were on our way back from the Smoky Mountains when we saw some ominous storm clouds that looked like they were heading our way. The couple we were riding with pulled up beside us and confirmed we were heading into a solid storyline. Since we mostly traveled the back roads, there wasn’t any place we could stop to wait out the storm, so we continued on.

I leaned into Gary so he could hear me and said:

“Archangels Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Gabriel and Uriel, thank you for traveling with us and keeping us safe and dry during our trip. I ask that you continue to travel with us and to keep us safe and dry from the storm. I feel your presence, in my minds eye I see you flying all around us, I know you are with us, and I thank you for keeping us safe.”

I had no sooner finished asking for their protection when the sun began breaking through the storm clouds and, well, their loving support became rather apparent. As I said, sometimes the signs are subtle and sometimes breathtakingly obvious. This time I think it was pretty obvious. Here’s a photo I took of their beautiful response to my request.

© Cindy Kubica

© Cindy Kubica – Photo 1 – Heart

Connecting with your guides opens your heart energy, reduces stress and helps create balance in your life. And it’s so easy to do. Simply ask them for help or guidance; communicate in a way that feels comfortable and natural to you. Then stay open to their response.

© Cindy Kubica - Photo 2 - Orb

© Cindy Kubica – Photo 2 – Orb

© Cindy Kubica - Photo 3 - Angel Wings

© Cindy Kubica – Photo 3 – Angel Wings

Here are 11 signs that show you your angel guides are with you:

1. Orbs appear in your photos (see photo 2 – left of the sun)
2. Unusual cloud formations (notice the heart in photo 1 that turned into angel wings in photo 3)
3. Random Feathers Showing Up
4. Items you were looking for showing up right where you’ve to look 5 times
5. The same number showing up again and again (i.e. 111, 1212, 1234, meaningful dates, etc.)
6. They come to you in dreams
7. Synchronicities (i.e. you say something and the radio announcer says the same thing at the same time)
8. A wave of calm comes over you
9. You see them (sometimes out of the corner of your eye)
10. You feel the breeze by you
11. You just know!

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Cindy Kubica is a stress expert and whole health energy coach. She loves helping people across the globe understand the link between stress, the mind and body, and how it influences behavior, productivity, energy level, and ultimately our health. She calls this the Mind*Body*Behavior Connection™. 

Cindy is the author of two audiobooks; In Search of Normal: Moving Life from Chaos to Clarity, and Fit to Communicate, Strength Training for Your Attitude; and three bound books, Career Compass for Women, I Want a Love Story to Happen to Me, and Motivation; Up Yours, Here’s How! 

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