I’m A Celebrity ‘Vegans’ Aren’t Vegan

December 5, 2018

Three celebrities on TV show I’m A Celebrity – Get me out of Here have been seen tucking into animal products – despite insider sources claiming they were vegan.

According to The Sun, a source said producers were ‘in crisis’ because musicians Fleur East, James McVey, and actor Sair Khan all abstain from eating animal products.

“Fleur has already told bosses that she is strictly vegan and does not go near any animal products,” the source added.

Not vegan

But viewers have been left confused as Khan spoke about eating emu, Fleur appeared to eat wallaby wings.

Despite show sources saying the celebrities were vegan, it has now been revealed that McVey is vegetarian – and has avoided eating animals on the show, East was plant-based, but has ditched the diet, and Khan eats animals.

Vegan I’m A Celebrity

In wake of the reports, numerous vegans have asked whether it would be possible for a vegan to be on the program even if they abstained from the bushtucker trials.

Because these trials exploit animals – either by eating them or using them in other ways – taking part in them would be at odds with the vegan philosophy.

“I’m a bit lost, how can you be vegan and then go on a show that exploits creatures for ratings?” wrote one social media user. “Seems very hypocritical to me and by doing this won’t they confuse folk on what being a vegan actually is?”

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