Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat Launching New and Improved Burgers

January 11, 2019

Known as the vegan burger that “bleeds,” the Impossible Burger has earned a loyal fan base since its launch. In the past year, the mouthwatering meatless patty has debuted on thousands of restaurant menus across the country. Now Impossible Foods has announced the Impossible Burger 2.0.

The new recipe is gluten-free and packs as much iron and protein as a comparable amount of ground beef. In a press release the company explains:

Starting next week, “better burger” chains will begin rolling out the new recipe. Starting Feb. 4, the next-generation Impossible Burger will be available to all restaurants in the United States through major food distributors. At that point, restaurants will automatically get the new recipe when they place their next order; by mid-March nearly all Impossible Foods’ restaurant customers will likely be serving the new recipe.

The Impossible Burger is a top menu item nearly everywhere it’s served, according to Food News Media, and when sold alongside beef burgers, the Impossible Burger outsells its meat-based competitors. While the company has offered its products only to foodservice providers and restaurants so far, it announced plans to roll out the plant-based ground beef to grocery stores later this year.

But Impossible Foods isn’t the only one revamping its vegan burger. Beyond Meat has launched Beyond Burger 2.0—a reformulation of its famed patty. This new offering is already available in Canada at A&W and in the U.S. at Carl’s Jr.

VegNews shares:

The burger patty was reformulated for a meatier taste and texture, which is the result of a new blend of pea, mung bean, and rice proteins that deliver a more fibrous and chewy texture. The new patty is also lower in saturated fat, kosher-certified, and, just like the original patty, is free of gluten, soy, and genetically modified ingredients.

These improvements are great news. Not only will countless animals be spared a lifetime of suffering, but both new burgers have a much smaller environmental footprint than beef and are more healthful.

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