JUST Inc. Launches ‘Brekky Burger’ With Next Level Burger, Coast to Coast

June 14, 2019

Credit: JUST

by | June 14, 2019

Just Inc., the makers of science-backed and plant-based foods (their popular vegan eggs) has recently announced that they are harnessing America’s first 100% vegan burger joint- Next Level Burger, to bring a brilliant new offering. The product will be available at all the NLB locations as in New York, Texas, Washington, California, and Oregon. What exactly is the new Just Egg product? Keep reading to find out.

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Just Egg Joins Next Level Burger Menu At All US Locations

“Brekky Burger” as the new offering is dubbed, features the Just Inc.’s new flavorful filling patty, according to an official statement by the company. You will be able to savor the new plant-based creations at all the NLB locations in New York, Oregon, California, Texas, and Washington. According to Just, the Brekky Burger will come with some mouth-watering preparations like two slices of vegan bacon, a vegan sausage, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a sprouted seven-grain bun and vegan cheese.

Speaking about the new launch that will be made available coast to coast at NLB locations, CEO of the plant-based burger joint- Matt de Gruyter said that they’re “stoked to offer the Brekky Burger, featuring the star of sustainability, JUST Egg patty,” he stated on the official statement.

Next Level Burger was founded in 2014 in Bend, Oregon. “I’m thrilled that JUST Egg is being served at their locations around the country and we look forward to hearing what people think of the delicious Brekky Burger – morning, noon or night,” said Just Inc. co-founder and CEO Josh Tetrick, speaking about the new partnership.

NLB and Just Inc. Partnership

Just Inc. partnering with America’s first 100% plant-based burger joint- Next Level Burger, certainly comes as good news to the ever-growing number of vegans. The Brekky Burger by Next Level features a baked patty version of the Just Egg that employs the 4,400 years old Mung bean. According to the company’s official statement, the same patty has more protein included than conventional chicken eggs.

The highly praised Just Eggs not only tastes absolutely like normal eggs, but are also far from cruelty, animal products, saturated fats, artificial flavors, and cholesterol. Also, manufacturing Just Eggs is much healthier to the planet, thanks to lesser carbon emissions. Just recently they had their successful debut at the iconic bakery chain La Boulangerie de San Francisco.

Next Level Burger seeks to redefine the classic American palate sans the cruelty. Hence, their amazing menu overflowing with the likes of plant-based burgers, sandwiches, milkshakes, salads and much more.

What do you think about Just Inc. and Next Level Burger’s joint efforts via Brekky Burger? Comment below.

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