London’s ‘Zoo Nights’ Slammed For ‘Blatant Animal Cruelty’

May 23, 2019
‘The zoo is basically turned into a nightclub’ (Photos: Adobe. Do not use without permission)

‘Zoo nights’ – an adults-only event where the SLZ London Zoo serves alcohol and plays loud music – has been slammed for ‘blatant animal cruelty’.

Vegan and animal-rights activist, Abbie Andrews, created a petition urging the zoo to cancel the event, receiving nearly 500 signatures in under 24 hours.

‘No care for the animals’

“This is a recurring event where the zoo is basically turned into a nightclub for the night, with music blaring and alcohol being sold, with no care for the animals and with countless incidents in previous years,” Andrews said.

The petition claims previous incidents that have occurred at the zoo include people trying to enter enclosures, people pouring beer over Tigers, Penguins being chased and allegedly harmed, and Butterflies being crushed.

‘Absolutely no consideration’

“There is absolutely no consideration for the animals who are already kept at the zoo against their will, it is all for consumers,” the petition reads.

“The last thing these animals need is to be surrounded by drunk people and loud music. This event has been rebranded several times with no indication of it being canceled for good.”

Andrews is urging the public to sign the petition before June, where the event will take place every Friday of the month.

ZSL London Zoo has been contacted for comment

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