Love is EVERYWHERE!  Do You See It?

July 14, 2019

July 13, 2019

 Look up, look down, look all around – find love in nature from the hearts that abound.


By Jenny Lynne


As you casually stroll through your downtown or venture out on a vigorous hike, what are the things you notice? Do you see abstract patterns left on the concrete after an afternoon rainstorm? Does your gaze go towards the contrasting white and blue in the sky? Or do you get so immersed in thought that you’re not seeing what you’re seeing?

Being present and cognizant of your surroundings should be a perpetual habit. The saying “in silence comes clarity” is beyond truth. How else are you going to hear what that circling pattern of thoughts and dialogues are you have going on in the old noggin? The same is true for what you’re seeing or not seeing.

Once you’re able to recognize your patterns and identify the thought process behind them, you’re one step closer to understanding your conscious and subconscious mind. Whoa, actually understanding your thoughts that go beyond the thin slices (the power of thinking without thinking and rapid cognition which is completely fallible as Malcolm Gladwell explains) could be frightening especially if there are years worth of unresolved matters of the heart.

Now that you’re a tad bit more mindful of you being you start putting significance and substance behind your thought process and your perceptions. Children have such an innocent way of seeing things. They can be more adept at finding shapes and patterns but they don’t have the wherewithal to associate it with a deeper meaning as we do as adults.

Let me get to my point. Nature has a powerful yet beautifully subtle way of showing us, love. Have you ever seen an accidental heart that nature has put in front of, beside or above you? Hearts are everywhere! Are you seeing them? The shape of a heart is the universal symbol of love. They will appear in the most profound places and the most unfathomable materials. Open your eyes!

I’m double daring you to make a concerted effort to be acutely aware of your surroundings. Each heart on display for you should evoke a different emotion. Each is as unique as a snowflake. Where are you when you see it? What is your mental state, happy, sad, stressed or content? Attach meaning to it then take an introspective moment and listen to your heart.

Here’s how to make finding accidental or natural hearts habitual.


Four Steps To See Love Everywhere:

1. Open your mind, and your heart will follow. It’s ok to use your imagination and look in unlikely places. That when the magic starts.


2. Be present and aware of your surroundings. That’s when you’ll start to become a noticer of the little things.


3. Attach love as the meaning when you see a heart. If Mother Nature shows you the universal symbol of love, then she put it there for you to see. I’ll leave it up to you on whether you pick it up and take it or leave it for others to also use as a source of love.


4. Remember you’re meant for all things to love. Believe that you’re meant to see and feel love at a deeper level and allow yourself to become a source of love. Teach others the meaning love has for you and how you’ve found it.


What’s exciting is that you’ll surpass the steps on how and where to look for hearts. It will become as natural as taking in a deep breath or stretching when you wake up. I’m often asked “How did you find that heart?” when it’s in an unexpected spot or made out unusual material. My answer – I don’t find them anymore, they find me. I’m attuned to the exchange of nature showing me love than me acknowledging and accepting it. It’s almost like a metaphoric agreeable nod or hats off gesture.

A woman recently told me her story of what finding hearts in nature means to her. She was on a nostalgic walk and begged her dearly departed husband to give her a sign that he was still watching over her. Moments after, she abruptly tripped and giggled then continued the walk and asked again. For the second time in a matter of seconds, she stumbles on a small rock. Now she’s perplexed and questioned her balance and equilibrium’s stability, but at the same time looked down and saw the perfect rock in the shape of a heart. Coincidence? Nope!

Another example was when my blood spurted out of a needle while I was donating blood; it created a small pool in the shape of a heart on my arm. That’s right; it was a blood-red heart. If that’s not serendipitous, then I don’t know what is!

Moreover, these types of stories go on and on and on.

Both of my books, Hearts, and Hearts for Kids exemplify that love can found in nature and is all around us. It’s proof that love is everywhere! My vision and hope are to encourage everyone to be present in nature and appreciate the subtleties of how nature shows us, love when we need it the most. These were created and written for someone who lives to love, needs their spirits lifted or who just appreciated the miracles in nature.

All one can control is the way they react. What if actions and reactions came from a place of love? How would that change the energy around us? What kind of a magnificent ripple effect would that make? Let’s take it a step farther – what if the next time you saw a heart, the meaning you put behind it was a reminder to reach out to someone you love merely to let them know you’re thinking about them?

Love is everywhere. Please go out and find it but don’t keep it to yourself; share it! When you see nature’s heart, let it be a reminder to love out loud. The concept is not inventive, unique or even new and yet we forget it’s so simple to implement in everything you do. The more love you give, the more it will come back tenfold to you.

 Look up, look down, look all around – find love in nature from the hearts that abound.

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About the Author

Jenny Lynne is an inventor, connector, entrepreneur and author. She found her passion and is devoted to inspiring others by finding hearts in nature.  Her two beautifully illustrated picture books, HEARTS, and HEARTS FOR KIDS capture naturally occurring or accidental hearts found around the world and photographed by her. Each heart image is accompanied by a caption that encompasses her wit, humor and sometimes seriousness by describing the emotions and perceptions that were evoked.  She encourages people to email her heart images ( or posts them to her social media (#jennylynnebooks.)

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