Man Bit Off Kitten’s Ear and Punched Him Countless Times and Was Only Sentenced to 12 Weeks in Prison

March 7, 2020
Article by One Green Planet

Some animal abuse cases are difficult to fathom. It’s hard to imagine how someone could be so heartless or cruel, but many times there is more at play. For instance, the teen who recently killed his family’s dog in the clothes dryer is believed to need serious help for his mental health. There’s another particularly frightening animal abuse case in which the abuser’s actions also appear extreme and not something that a person in the right frame of mind would do.

A 20-year-old man in Grimsby, England brutally tortured and abused his cat. As reported by Metro, “he repeatedly bit the animal’s ear and ‘lost count’ of the number of times he punched the kitten,” by his own admission.

Thanks to a witness, the kitten who suffered this abuse was rescued from his home along with two other kittens in September 2019.

The man not only admitted to his crimes, but he said that he did it while angry and called himself a “monster.” He certainly needs help, but his crimes need to be punished as well to prevent him from doing it again and others from doing the same. He’s only been sentenced 12 weeks in prison and banned from owning animals.

It has not been reported if he’s also being mandated to receive mental health help, but if not, 12 weeks is far too short of a sentence. He was tried just before a new law in the UK goes into effect which will increase sentences for animal abuse from six months to five years.

The cat, formerly named Litten, is now named Oreo and is an affectionate cat despite all he suffered. He’s been adopted by a loving family and although he lost part of his ear, he will live happily ever after!

Sign this petition to support a national animal abuse register in the UK!

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