Man Mauled to Death by Three Circus Tigers during Rehearsal

July 10, 2019

Credits: Andrea Izzotti/ Shutterstock

by | July 10, 2019

An Italian trainer was mauled to death by circus tigers during a rehearsal session, an hour prior to the circus show. Circus staff found the man’s body at the yoke of the tigers inside the cage, playing with it. Isn’t such a tragedy enough to stop using wild animals for recreation for the betterment of both human and animals?

Credits: pyrozhenka/ Shutterstock

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Man Mauled to Death by Three Circus Tigers during Rehearsal

In an unfortunate incident taking place behind the scenes of an Italian circus, a trainer was mauled to death by tigers, while the big cat-quartet and the man were into rehearsal for an upcoming performance, the BBC reports.

Ettore Weber, 61, was considered one of Italy’s ‘best’ circus trainers. He worked with Orfei circus. According to the media outlet, one tiger first tackled the trainer and was soon given company by the other circus tigers.

The striped giants were seen to be playing with Weber’s body inside the cage, only to be intervened by the staff and paramedics, according to local media, the BBC reports. He couldn’t bear the lethal injuries and passed away.

The rehearsal of the tiger was being carried for a show called Animal Park that was scheduled to be performed an hour later when the incident happened. There were other animals as well, like zebras and camels. Speaking about the circus tigers that killed the trainer, the big cats have been retired from the circus and shifted to Safari Park.

Do Circuses need Animals?

Whereas it might be enthralling to see the otherwise wild animals warming up to the instructions of a person and performing stunts, you would not feel the same way if the scenes behind the curtains were to be revealed.

It takes a great deal of torture and unimaginable subjugation to make wild animals like tigers perform at the command of man. They are not supposed to walk on a leash, shake their paws, and jump through a ring of fire and so on to amuse spectators!

Just recently, a circus in Germany reportedly became the first in the world to employ holograms of animals instead of the real ones. In a breathtaking show of 3D holograms cast by 11 projectors, the circus undoubtedly awed the spectators. And that is so much a better way than poking elephants with spears to make them stand on a bucket and the like.

All over the world, roughly 40 nations have reportedly banned live animal performance in circuses, of which 20 are in Europe alone. I wish not a single animal, ever have to perform to please the masses. Because they’re already so impressive in their natural state.

It is deeply saddening to see the human-wild animal conflict reach this point. What do you think about the incident? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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