Martha Stewart Debuts Vegan Shoe Line at Payless

December 17, 2018


The fashion industry has been making great strides toward more ethical approaches lately. Big fashion houses like Chanel, Coach, and more have stopped using fur. Lacoste and over 340 other brands have pledged to stop using mohair. And many companies are releasing vegan fashion lines like Jon Bon Jovi‘s vegan leather fashion line, the vegan leather shoe line by Hugo Boss, and mushroom leather handbags. The latest vegan-friendly fashion line is a collaboration by Martha Stewart and Payless.

Martha Stewart, who has previously spoken out against animal cruelty in the fashion industry, released a vegan shoe line with Payless called Martha Everyday.  The shoe line is made completely of manmade materials. About her shoe line, Martha says, “I am thrilled to partner with Payless to design a line of footwear that’s both beautiful and affordable. For as long as I’ve been in business my goal has been to deliver well-made, beautiful products to my audience, at the right price.”

Payless and Martha Stewart have even been awarded the Compassion Collaboration Award by PETA. As PETA says, “This collaboration, which makes vegan leather shoes available to the general public, proves how easy it is to stay on trend while also protecting animals.” We hope more brands and celebrities continue to choose ethical and cruelty-free alternatives for their fashion lines.

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