Moe’s Southwest Grill Is Testing Plant-Based Meat From Impossible Foods

January 7, 2019

Plant-based meats are taking restaurants by storm, with countless chains offering vegan options on their menus. Now, Moe’s Southwest Grill is testing out plant-based meat from Impossible Foods—available in place of meat in all burritos, bowls, and tacos—at its Manhattan location.

Since the debut of its vegan burger that “bleeds” beet juice, Impossible Foods has earned a loyal fan base. The Impossible Burger is a top menu item nearly everywhere it’s served.

Moe’s executive chef Ciaran Duffy tells Fast Casual:

We understand that each customer has different dietary needs and food preferences, so we wanted to make sure we were accommodating every person that walks through our doors. Impossible is the ideal partner for Moe’s since they are a leader in plant-based protein options.

Moe’s Southwest Grill isn’t the only fast-food chain serving up Impossible Foods’ innovative meat alternative. In April, the Impossible Slider hit White Castle’s menu to rave reviews.

Carl’s Jr. recently announced it would begin offering the Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat at all 1,000 of its locations nationwide, and Del Taco announced it would add Beyond Meat’s savory crumbles to the menu at 21 restaurants in Southern California, including in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

As more people find out about the horrific conditions animals endure at factory farms, they’re ditching meat in favor of healthier plant-based alternatives.

This plant-based product from Impossible Foods is not only a delicious alternative to inherently cruel animal meat; it’s much better for the planet, requiring 75 percent less water and 95 percent less land to produce than beef. It also generates 87 percent less greenhouse gas.

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