New Morgan Spurlock Documentary Exposes Reality Of Fast Food Industry

December 10, 2019
Article by Raise Vegan

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by | December 10, 2019

The creator of Super Size Me Morgan Spurlock has produced a new documentary — Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken. The new release exposes the realities of how chicken is farmed and used for fast food.

In Super Size Me 2, Spurlock opens his own fast food restaurant to demonstrate the production and marketing techniques some establishments use.

“We’ve been so blinded by what we’re told that we don’t have a deeper understanding of everything that goes into it” explained Spurlock.

Throughout the film viewers are shown how some fast food restaurants create a healthy image for unhealthy meals.

One such trick, as seen in the documentary, involves painting grill marks onto fried chicken with charcoal — which is advertised as crispy chicken — to create the illusion that it was cooked in a healthier way. 

The documentary was released on iTunes on December 9th.

Morgan Spurlock released Super Size Me in 2004 to demonstrate the dangers of fast food (Photo: s_bukley/

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Morgan Spurlock & Super Size Me

The original Super Size Me documentary highlighted just how unhealthy fast food can be. Spurlock documented his life over the course of one month where he only consumed food from McDonalds.

During the month-long experiment, he gained 11.1 kilograms in bodyweight and his cholesterol levels went up dramatically. He also claims to have experienced mood swings and sexual dysfunction. After the documentary, Spurlock used a vegan diet to lose the weight he had gained.

Have you seen the new film yet? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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