Slovakia Approves Ban On Fur Production After Petition Exceeds 76,000 Signatures

October 19, 2019

The legislation comes into effect in 2021 (Edit: Plant Based News)

Slovak National Council has approved a ban on fur production after a petition against fur farming received more than 76,000 signatures. 

The legislation, which comes into effect in 2021, passed with a majority vote of 107 out of 150 and includes a ‘phase-out period’ for existing farms until 2025.

Spearheaded by animal-rights organization Humánny Pokrok, the non-profit released investigation footage of a Slovakian mink farm which ‘triggered public outrage’. 

Slovakia has now become the 15th country in Europe to ban fur production.

‘A big victory’

According to Fur Free Alliance, Martin Smrek, President of Humánny Pokrok, said: “It is a big victory for animals and a sign that Slovak society is progressing and tens of thousands of people are ready to stand up for the animals and their protection.

“Slovakia has made a big step forward today and we hope that this is the beginning of a new brighter future for animals in our country.”

California fur ban

Recently, California became the first state in the US to ban the sale of fur, in what was described as a ‘landmark’ legislation by campaigners.

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