Sweet Little Pup Got the Rescue of a Lifetime, But Now No One Wants to Give Her a Forever Home! (VIDEO)

September 15, 2018

Looking into the eyes of this sweet pup you can see so much love, hope, and curiosity. Thanks to Howl of a Dog, Julia has a second chance to offer all of these wonderful qualities to someone. She was found on the side of a road with her siblings, but now she is safe and waiting for her forever home.

Sadly, black dogs like Julia take longer to be adopted, and it’s an epidemic all across the globe. In fact, it’s even been given the name black dog syndrome. While the reasons are unknown, some report it’s because they don’t photograph as well, and others blame superstition. Some even perceive black dogs to be more aggressive which is absolutely absurd! Black dogs (and cats) are just as sweet, loving, and fun as any other color.

Let’s not let this unjust and unfair stereotype stand in the way of finding this precious girl a home. Please share Julia’s story with your network — the more eyes that see this sweet face, the better!

Click here to inquire about Julia or here to learn more about Howl of a Dog.

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