The Day Coral Polge Introduced Me To My Spirit Guides

November 24, 2019
Article by OM Times

November 23, 2019

Coral Polge was a popular psychic artist who would sit with clients, tune in with those on the Other-Side, and sketch their loved ones who had passed on. Her drawings were amazingly accurate.

Coral Polge Introduced Me To My Spirit Guides


I’d always admired Coral’s unique work, but never dreamed I would get to meet with her. One day while visiting London’s Spiritualist Association, I noticed a woman tell the clerk she was ready for her next reading. I looked up, and it was Coral Polge! I couldn’t believe she was there the same time I was.

I could feel a tug pulling me over to the clerk to ask how long Coral would be there. “She’s only here for the day,” she said, “But I’ve just taken a cancellation.” My excitement must have lit up the reception area. I couldn’t believe I was about to sit with the most famous psychic artist in the world.

Before I knew it, Coral led me to a cozy meeting room. She sat at a small table with a drawing pad and pastels of every color, and I sat in front of her. Coral launched straight in, “You know, dear, that you’re psychically gifted, yes?” Then without hesitation, she picked up her pastels and started to sketch.

I watched Coral draw an elderly woman, which I later found out was my Great Grandmother from Italy. As she sketched, Coral talked about my family and where we’d lived. She occasionally looked up and then beyond me as if this woman was posing for her.

Then Coral adjusted her seat and said, “Did you know you have a Tibetan Monk as one of your guides?” As a child, I’d often dream of praying for men with shaved heads and colorful robes. Now I realize they were Tibetan monks . . . And one of them was actually my guide.

“John, you know he’s been with you throughout your life,” Coral said as she drew his face. “And he’s been assisting you with your mediumship.” While she added more detail to the drawing, all I could think about was how I’ve always been drawn to Tibet, the beautiful Himalayas, and vowed someday that I’d visit this extraordinary country.

I was almost moved to tears when Coral handed me my Tibetan guide’s portrait. He had the gentlest eyes I’d ever seen. They seemed to reach out and touch my very soul.

I was about to get up, but Coral said she had one more drawing of another guide who really wanted to introduce himself. I didn’t need any persuasion. She went straight to it, pastels to paper, telling me he was an African Shaman.

“He’s telling me, John, that it’s his job to give you the strength to get through difficult times in your life.” Ten minutes later, she showed me the portrait. I can see why I have so many African masks and art pieces hanging on my walls.

My time with Coral was about to end. I thanked her profusely with my treasured portraits in hand. She looked at me and said very sweetly, “Keep up the good work, young man.” I turned back and said, “I will now … knowing that I have plenty of help. God bless you, Coral.”


John’s Message

Sadly, Coral Polge passed away in 2001. She will be missed by the thousands who have witnessed her psychic art and to those like me who she touched personally. I truly believe that synchronicities are clear signs that Spirit is knocking on your door.

I found a wonderful video on YouTube about Coral. This video was created by Michael Pakleppa, who directed and produced the 1982 documentary Your Life Will Never End about the life of Coral Polge.

Live a Soulfilled life!

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About the Author

John Holland is an American artist, best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and public speaker, who describes himself as a psychic medium.

John Holland is an artist, author, public speaker, and psychic medium. To learn more about John Holland, visit

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