The Infinite Moment in Time: It is Always Now – Sam Harris [VIDEO]

March 21, 2020
Article by Conscious Life News


Video Source: Pittelli Like It Is

This video by Sam Harris is perhaps 6 of the most enlightening minutes I’ve ever experienced. But what is funny is Sam himself would say those minutes are merely an illusion, as linear time only appears to be sequential, and in reality, all we have is this very moment…and this moment…and this one.

Although persistent and measurable on a linear scale, “time” as we know it to be is anything but “real”. What we call “yesterday” consists merely of “NOW’s” that exist only in our minds as memories. What we can “tomorrow” consists merely of “NOW’s” that exist only in our imaginations and dreams. All we ever truly have in our reality is right NOW.

The NOW permeates everything and always IS. This would apply to the very fabric of our existence and everything we know to make up our physical reality including waves of light, sound and mechanical & seismic waves. And as long as there is momentum; movement and action, the NOW goes on into infinity (as shown in the image below via Planck’s constant). Let’s just hope it stays that way. 🙂


So, how do we make the best of all of our “NOW’s”? Be 100%, un-apologetically present IN as many of them as you possibly can. Ride the infinite wave – it is really that simple. Focus on those things that make you happy and which feed your life-force.

Things that give you passion and drive to KEEP MOVING FORWARD! For when we lose touch with the NOW and dwell in the past, it tends to slow us down, bring us down, and drag us down. It can fill out hearts with regret, guilt, and stagnation. I’m not saying don’t ever look back. We retain memories for a reason, sure.

They are to remind us just how far we’ve come and of all the great (and perhaps not-so-great) experiences we’ve had, so we can reflect back on the lessons we’ve learned and seen how far we’ve come. We can look back to remember the smile of your dearly departed grandmother and how her kitchen always smelled like a bakery. But if it usually hurts when we look back, then perhaps it’s time we really sit with those feelings and let ourselves finally heal over whatever it is we find ourselves always looking back to. This will let them serve their purpose and give you the strength to finally let them go to be where they are meant to be; behind you.

The same approach can be taken in the future. If we spend so much time being anxious and worrying about what may happen to us, we are only laying down a big ‘ol welcome mat to whatever it is we are fearing the most to come walking right into our lives. And what we are really doing, is choosing to spend our NOW’s torturing ourselves with mere scary stories we’ve made up in our head. Sure, it’s smart to plan, have a vision, prepare for things and of course, have dreams, but these are many different things than constantly putting undue stress on yourself by always focusing your thoughts on thinking the future is full of inevitable doom. This can wreak havoc in all areas of our lives causing headaches, disturbances in our digestive system, and even sleep issues such as insomnia.

Image result for only nowSpeaking of sleep, if we look at brain waves during the sleep cycle, we can determine the specific point that defines the instant when we cross over from being awake to being asleep. It is in that cross-point where we could say the NOW resides. In the cosmic middle-ground does it frolic and play begging for our attention and calling for us to become conscious of our own unconsciousness. Buddhist Monks, Yogis, and Shamans all over the world are aware (no pun intended) that the key to “enlightenment” is first knowing that the door resides within oneself and thus that is where we must look. And if we look long enough and in the right way, we will ultimately find the eternal NOW; or maybe perhaps… it finds us.


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