Tool Band Member Appears To Put Bacon In Own-Brand Wine In Anti-Vegan Stunt

August 16, 2019

(Source: Instagram)

by | August 16, 2019

Maynard James Keenan — vocalist for the metal band Tool and owner of vineyard Caduceus Cellars — sparked a debate this week with an anti-vegan stunt on Instagram.

Keenan was apparently party to the posting of a photo of himself to the band’s Instagram account, which pictured him holding bacon over winery equipment.

The caption read: “‘Someone asked if our wines were Vegan. To my horror I realised they were in fact Vegan. So I fixed them.’ 😎 Words from @puscifer.”

The apparently anti-vegan photo (Source: Tool The Band/Instagram)

Vegan And Anti-Vegan Response

The post created a mixed reaction among followers.

“I consider this to be a middle finger to myself and any of your fans that are vegan, so shame on you,” wrote one fan.

“Very very disappointing.”

“Look at all those transcended spiritual vegan individuals crying like babies,” wrote another.

Keenan later added to the Instagram post.

“Hey Offended Vegans,” he wrote.

“We just let you know in our own sarcastic way that our wines are f*cking vegan. The bacon never touched the wine. #booboohugs.”

Wineries and alcohol companies typically use animal products for the filtering process known as fining. Common nonvegan fining agents include casein milk protein, albumin, gelatin and isinglass, all of which are made from parts of animals.

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