Vegan Cream Cheese on Menu at Einstein Bros., Bruegger’s Bagels, and More

February 11, 2019

Sarah Von Alt|

February 11, 2019

Just last month, America’s largest bagel chain, Einstein Bros. Bagels, announced it had added vegan cream cheese to the menu at select locations. Made with a coconut base and free of soy and gluten, this new offering from dairy-free brand Daiya is completely plant-based.

Now Daiya’s Cream Cheeze Style Spread is headed for an even wider audience at two other bagel chains: Bruegger’s Bagels and Noah’s New York Bagels. For the month of February, Bruegger’s will promote the new option with a Moo-Free Mondays campaign featuring different bagels topped with vegan cream cheese on the brand’s various social channels.

Daiya spotlights its new dairy-free offerings in a press statement:

Beginning this month these retailers will expand their menus with “Daiya Dairy-Free Shmear” as a dairy-free alternative to cream cheese in an effort to cater to a wider variety of dietary lifestyles and open the door to a larger customer base. At only 90 calories per serving, the Daiya Cream Cheeze Style Spread features a creamy texture and balanced flavor profile that pairs nicely with the dairy-free bagel options available at Einstein Bros., Noah’s New York Bagels, and Bruegger’s Bagels locations.

As consumers become more aware of the impact their food choices have on the planet, their own health, and the animals subjected to horrific conditions at factory farms, they are turning plant-based foods into a multibillion-dollar market.

Just last year, a survey from agribusiness giant Cargill revealed that half of U.S. dairy consumers also use vegan dairy alternatives. While 67 percent of those surveyed said that they regularly consumed dairy products, up to 50 percent said that they consumed both dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives. What’s more, of those respondents who avoided or limited dairy, a whopping 20 percent said that they avoided dairy because of animal rights or animal cruelty issues.

With vegan foods becoming more accessible, there’s never been a better time to move away from animal products. You can join the growing number of people who are taking a stand for animals, the environment, and their health by eating more plant-based foods. For delicious recipes, easy meal ideas, and more, order a FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today!

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