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I did the SAME thing when I spotted a 5 for $5 display of champagne mangoes at the store last week!! I LITRALLY gasped out loud and was all “ooooooooooooooh!” The produce people already think I’m a nut job, so I may as well fuel their fire some more.

Mango salsa is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite!! AND I’ve never done cucumber mango. I could squeeze you for this! I want these in my tacos like nooooboddysbusiness! And your photo of the mango?? HOLY CRAP! How did you do it?!

P.S. Your fists v. arms-flailing debate reminded me of this time I was in Germany and was walking along a river and this girl was running with her arms t-rexed at her chest, but her hands were flailing. Can you picture it? Can you picture it? Next time I’m in NC, I’ll scamper over to you (arms flailing) so that I can show you exactly how she was running. But I don’t make fun of people, no. I’m more mature than that.

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