Vegan Documentary ’73 Cows’ Wins BAFTA Award

February 11, 2019
Director Alex Lockwood with his BAFTA 

Vegan documentary 73 Cows has won a prestigious BAFTA award for Best British Short Film.

The 15-minute movie documents the moral struggle of cattle farmer Jay Wilde, who eventually sent his cows to a sanctuary, after deciding he could no longer slaughter animals. Wilde is now vegan.

Speaking about the nomination, and about director Alex Lockwood’s work before the BAFTA ceremony (which was last night) Wilde said he wouldn’t be attending as he ‘doesn’t feel like BAFTA material’ but felt that ‘Alex has done a wonderful job’.

The filmmakers talk about the win

Vegan film

Speaking to Plant Based News after the nomination was announced, Lockwood – who is now vegan himself – said he was ‘over the moon’. “I’m really proud of the team and I think we’re all just a little bit shocked at the moment – it hasn’t quite sunk it,” he added.

“When we set out with no budget and a such a small team, we never anticipated that the film would get the response that it is.

“We’ve all been making films for a long time and so it’s great to finally produce something which is having an impact. We owe a huge thanks to Jay and Katja Wilde for letting us tell their story which has resonated with so many people.”

73 Cows also scooped top honors at the first Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival (OIVFF) last October.

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