Vegan Life meets Derek Sarno

February 14, 2020
Article by Vegan Life Magazine

When I moved to the UK, I could only find one or two meals that were suitable for vegans. Selfishly, I create all the Wicked Kitchen meals to have something to eat for myself that does NOT include any animal products, and figured that lots of others feel the same way. We may or may not have set the trend, but we are setting the standard of quality and have created space for competition where there was none. This is where real change happens and how we bring vegan mainstream in the retail world. Now, everyone will compete to have the best offerings, and that is better for the animals and the planet.

Do you think there is largely still resistance from the wider public to veganism?

There are different approaches to get people on board to being vegan, and each one serves a role. As a team, we can influence the wider community, and individually, we can lead by example. Where I see most resistance, is from vegans putting other vegans down because they are ‘not vegan enough’ and that sh*t has to stop. It’s easier to deal with a meat-eater enquiring about the ‘why’ of being vegan, than it is to deal with a self-righteous person who thinks they are the ideal vegan and imposes that on others. Our priority is to save animals, and kindness and compassion wins above all else in the long run.


Aside from inspiring others through your cooking, how else do you try to advocate veganism?

We definitely lead with culinary attractivism. We support animal rights and environmental awareness advocates that promote veganism – anything to end suffering. We try to lead by example in every aspect of our lives at work, home, the gym or anywhere we go. Not eating animals is the least we can do!


What are your favourite recipes to cook for yourself at home?

I’m a huge mushroom fan, and 80 per cent of the time I am playing with and testing new ways to work with them. I love comfort food, big eats and moreish food, and couldn’t care less about fancy pants, overpriced, pretentiousness when it comes to food. Give me a couple of packets of instant ramen, a few cool AF mushrooms, some tofu (I love tofu) and an array of veg to choose from, and I’m a happy boy.

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