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June 15, 2019

June 15, 2019

To put it simply, Moksha is release.

What is Moksha? – Message from a Tireless Spiritual Worker from India

by Brahmarshi Patriji, founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement



I travel to many countries all around the world, teaching meditation 365 days per year.

One day I can be in a small village, the next day I’m in the capital city. Then, before I know it, I’m catching a flight to Egypt. I talk to farmers struggling to make ends meet, and successful entrepreneurs making millions.

And they all, from the richest to the poorest, want one thing:



What is Moksha?

To put it simply, Moksha is release.

~ Release from all types of emotional turmoil and mental suffering. Where we feel a deep sense of inner peace.

~ Release from all doubts. Where we stand in the truth with confidence.

~ Release from feeling inferior. When we’re sure of our worth and don’t have to prove it to anybody.

~ Release from arrogance.  When we understand we are all truly the same.

~ Release from jealousy. Where we can eliminate destructive emotional reactions.

And perhaps most importantly…

Release from believing that there’s a God out there who is separate from you. You are tapped into God. You are inextricably connected.

Who wouldn’t want Moksha? It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Many people all over the world are working in various spiritual traditions, becoming more aware and enlightened, so that they can move into a state of Moksha. Where the struggle ends, and everything flows to the mental place where everything feels right.

But here’s the thing…

Many people get frustrated with themselves when they can’t reach this state, or when they slip out of it.

“Is there something wrong with me?” they ask. “Why can’t I do it? Why can’t I be in that state all the time?”

It would be lovely, wouldn’t it, if we could live in a state of Moksha at all times. In fact, we did, before we were born. All souls, before birth on Earth, are in a state of ‘Natural Moksha’. And after we leave our physical bodies, we’ll return to that Natural Moksha.

But what about now? Here? As we are, in our physical bodies?

Well, when the soul acquires a body, a ‘Non-Moksha’ state gets attached. While Moksha was a state of pure Soul, non-moksha is the Mind. So when we are born, a ‘Mind’ gets superimposed on our ‘Soul’.

Now, here on Earth, our soul constantly shifts between ‘Moksha’, that heavenly peace where everything feels right, and ‘Non-Moksha’, that feeling of disconnection.  You feel unsafe, you worry, you feel lost and confused and are dissatisfied with life.

Yes, you heard that right.

Feelings of being lost and confused, of doubting, of being low-vibe, as some people might call it, are written into us. They’re just part of being human.

So if you’ve been holding onto any shame about not being in a state of Moksha (or whatever other terms you use for this concept), you can let this go. Yes, Moksha is empowering. But Non-Moksha can be empowering, too. I’m sure you’ve had a time in your life that was very difficult. When you were suffering a great deal mentally and emotionally. And you came out the other side stronger, having learned more lessons. You are a better person for the experience, right? That is the beauty and power of Non-Moksha.

In fact, we say that before we were born, when we lived in pure Moksha, we chose to come to Earth, even knowing we would lose our constant state of Moksha. We knew we were going to stagger between Moksha and Non-Moksha. We knew there would be very hard times, times full of suffering. But we still chose to be here…

Because we saw the beauty in life, in all its complexity and messiness.

To go even further, we say that we chose our specific Non-Moksha state.

We decided how our lives would be.

All these things are self-chosen.

If you look back on your life and see a great deal of suffering, you may be wondering, “What was I thinking?! Why did I decide to inflict all of this on myself?”

But here’s the thing.

Your choice was based on WISDOM. It was a growth-oriented choice. You were not trying to harm or hurt yourself or anyone else but to provide the conditions you needed for growth. When you were standing on the other side, in the spirit realm, looking at your option of whether to come to earth or not, knowing all that you would suffer…


No soul comes to Earth by force.

No soul comes to Earth because another being wanted it to.

Souls come because they want to. Everything is self-chosen and dictated.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine your Soul, way back before you were born, looking out at how your life would be? Meticulously choosing what you wanted. Carefully planning the best course to growth? So that when the lifetime came to a close, you’d be a wiser and stronger soul?

We need Non-Moksha. Our Souls submit to it, knowing that gold is purified in the fire.

No, it is not always comfortable. In fact, it’s often distinctly uncomfortable.

It’s far from neat. It is messy and chaotic, at times.

It can be scary.

Deeply painful.

But it is worth it. I promise. And deep down, you know that it is, too.

Let life take the course you have chosen and decided for yourself. Understand the lessons that underlie a particular situation or event. This understanding makes you emotionally and mentally more mature, strong and balanced. Always remember, you create your own reality

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About the Author

Brahmarshi Patriji is the founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.  Subhash Patri became enlightened in the year 1979 after some serious experiments with meditation. Since then, Patriji began striving hard to awaken and enlighten each and every individual.

In the year 1997, in the temple town of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, all the pyramid masters gathered and conferred the title of ‘Brahmarshi’ on Patriji.


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