Year of the Rat Forecast for the Zodiac Signs

January 26, 2020
Article by OM Times

What can you expect with your Sun Sign in the Year of the Rat with the Metal Rat Energy? Here is the Year of the Rat Forecast for the Signs of the Zodiac.

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2020 marks the beginning of a New Age, bringing many changes to the twelve signs of the zodiac and great growth potential for all mankind. The time has come to feel all this impact in the most diverse areas of our lives.

According to Chinese astrology 2020, the year of the metal rat in 2020 marks the beginning of a New Age, bringing many changes to the twelve signs of the zodiac and great growth potential for all mankind. The time has come to feel all this impact in the most diverse areas of our lives.

The Metal Rat Influence promises a very fun and inspiring period, due to the new opportunities and changes that will present themselves this year. Also, the metal Rat guarantees a successful 2020 with personal and professional success.

In other words, 2020 is the ideal year to launch new projects and even to invest in large assets/ Ideas. However, we always recommend caution, since the metal Rat is known for its strong and intense personality, as well the quick shift between love and also hate.

The year begins with a strong influence on the positioning of Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Such a configuration of the 2020 horoscope will be able to initiate an important process of change in the structures of life and social and political mechanisms at all levels.

Vital energy, clarity, and lucidity will be some of the aspects of 2020, a bright and positive year for us to achieve goals through creativity and generosity.

Year of the Rat Forecast for all signs

Some of the Signs will have more time for fun, social activities, and new interests, while others are required to achieve dreams through creativity and determination. The news of the horoscope 2020 is remarkable, and I know you are curious to know what is in store in the universe for your Zodiac sign.


Aries (3/21 to 4/20)

Year of the Rat forecast for AriesThe Sign of the Rat, along with the Sun, will make the Aries more confident and creative. You will discover new talents and explore further your existing gifts. If you decide to try hard, you will be able to shine as you always wanted in 2020. The energy of 2020 will be very auspicious for you to be able to organize and evolve.



Taurus (04/21 to 05/20)

Year of the Rat forecast for TaurusThe significant influence of Capricorn in the year 2020 will be perfect for the Taurus. Being signs from the earth element and having many characteristics in common, Taurus will be even more exalted. However, you will need to be patient, as things will happen slowly. Do not let impatience get the best of you, resist the impulse of the impulsive Rat to hurry situations. Nothing will fall from the sky, and it will take you a little longer than you want to reap the rewards of your efforts.



Gemini (05/21 to 06/20)

Year of the Rat forecast for GeminiAccording to the annual Metal Rat influence for 2020, the Gemini people, who have careers in areas related to communication, such as journalism, advertising, marketing, letters, and public relations, will benefit greatly from the clever energies of the Metal element. As the year will be governed by the Sun, who likes to put things in evidence, the communication powers of Gemini will be infallible! So, use it wisely to get where you want to go!



Cancer (06/21 to 07/22)

Year of the Rat forecast for CancerFor the Cancerians, the year of the Rat will not be very easy, as the characteristics of Capricorn will have a significant influence on the year. Capricorn is the opposite sign of Cancer. Thus, although both signs have complementary features, Capricorn’s influences in the year will be very different from who the Cancerians really are, bringing difficulties for him. So, try to regard the year 2020 as a learning experiment. Dedicate yourself, work hard, and do your best that at the end of the year, you will achieve success!



Leo (07/23 to 08/22)

Year of the Rat forecast for LeoThe sign of Leo shines with ease because it is ruled by the Sun. Now, with the double influence of the Sun in your life, this sign will be an explosion of light! Enjoy 2020 with all your soul because this will be your year! You may achieve everything you want!

Beware of Capricorn’s intense energy. It will make things happen slowly. Practice your immense ability to be resilient and don’t give up! Keep striving with patience and balance that you will reach your goals. That would be your main challenge in this year of the Rat.


Virgo (08/23 to 09/22)

Year of the Rat forecast for VirgoAccording to the signs’ predictions for the Year of the Metal Rat, the native will have to focus on his health. Do not worry, nothing much will happen, but the advice of the stars is for you to take better care of yourself. Go to your doctor, get some exercise, do your checkups. If you turn your attention to yourself, the year will be very positive for you to strengthen your body, which is your strength. As for the other areas of your life, rest assured that the Sun will help you find the solution to your problems with wisdom and clarity.



Libra (09/23 to 10/22)

Year of the Rat forecast for LibraThe Year the Rat in 2020 will be a Year of renewal for you! Explore your artistic and creative side! Trust the energy of the Sun, and success will come for you. You will continue to look for balance and try to figure out how to make your actions and emotions in balance, which is very positive. Your social life will be busy, with constant contact with friends and potential love partners. The year will be one of shift and adjustments. This way, when you realize that something or someone is not adding anything to your life, you will be able to decide about it quickly.



Scorpio (10/23 to 11/21)

Year of the Rat forecast for ScorpioThe Rat will bring you much clarity of Purpose during 2020; you will be able to develop your societal and community side this year. We know you don’t like to show off, but you will need to learn how to use your brilliance to your advantage, especially to develop your professional side & career. Take advantage of the sun’s energy like a cosmic ruler to achieve your goals



Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)

Year of the Rat forecast for Sagittarius Under the exquisite influence of The Metal Rat and with the year under the rule of the Sun, the Sagittarius will be even more ambitious. Sag will look for opportunities, so analyze all possibilities. Take advantage of this moment of sun illumination to analyze what you want for your life, observe what it does not add, and define the best path to follow. In 2020 You will seek more knowledge; you will fight for the right causes, and you will find hope. However, you will need to control your anxiety, as Capricorn will keep things more limited.



Capricorn (12/22 to 1/20)

Year of the Rat forecast for Capricorn2020 will be yours! This will happen because your sign will have a lot of influence in the year due to the conjunctions that will occur positioned in it, mainly of its ruler, who is Saturn. The metal element adds to the auspicious aspectation. The energies of the year of the Rat will be very positive and will help you achieve everything you want. Also, you will have the power of the Sun behind you and the ruler of the year, this will help you show your competence and shine!



Aquarius (01/21 to 02/18)

Year of the Rat forecast for Aquarius

For the Aquarian, the horoscope does not bring exciting news. You will have a challenging year but full of learning experiences. As you value the quality of freedom, you may suffer from the traditional energy emanating from your planets, Uranus and Saturn, which will be positioned in Earth signs – Taurus and Capricorn. But you can count on the power of the Sun, the ruling planet of 2020, which will give you the strength you will need and help you to shine in your professional life. The Sun will help you develop your creations and put into practice your innovative ideas, which will surprise everyone. Learn how to breathe.



Pisces (02/19 to 03/20)

Year of the Rat forecast for PiscesAccording to this sign forecasts for 2020, the Pisceans will be more focused on their own collective circle and community life. They will probably dedicate themselves to various projects, planning, and group work to help those they love. The advice of the stars is that you also focus on your spiritual life. Explore your faith and the gifts of hope. It is also an exceptional time to dedicate to your education and studies. Through knowledge, you will be able to achieve your transcendental goals. Practice the art of Temperance.


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